What makes America truely great…

Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_1-768x511.jpgbus driver dad.jpg

…more than a hundred million hard-working Americans who are proud of their livable wage jobs or a few who get to live in lavish, opulent, garish penthouses?  Which is more important, being the greatest country in the world or the greatest individual in the world, succumbing to the myth of rugged individualism?

Some are caught up in the social constructs of appearance, affluence and accomplishment at all costs including ethics, morals, relationships, the environment, and the exploitation of others. Competition at all costs is not healthy for our country.  It is sad to give up your humanity for excess and conspicuous consumption.

We don’t need another multi-billionaire, what we need is a 100,000,000 more jobs that pay a living wage for American families.  Fair pay for a fair day’s work.  Our industry leaders must invest in America’s human capital to make America great again.  We need to lower taxes on companies that pay Americans a livable wage for entry-level jobs that include pension, healthcare and technical or higher education benefits.  The greatest country in the world should be first in science and technology, healthcare, human and civil rights, standard of living, opportunity, education and tolerance for everyone not just the few.














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