Your Vote Counts!

I grew up in a world that rewarded hard work with a middle class lifestyle.  And when a hard worker became disabled or elderly or when a family lost their main source of income due to an untimely death, help was provided.  This experience created a sense of trust that government policy and regulation would benefit all.  It didn’t matter whether the Republicans or the Democrats were in control, it seemed that a compromise that benefited all could be found.  Business leaders were statesmen that had a deep sense of stewardship for our country.  They upheld their part of the unwritten social contract with American workers, the workers who gave their effort and precious time to the benefit of the company.  I feel this sense of trust created voter apathy.  Why vote when things are good?

The days of benevolent stewardship by business leaders, the wealthy and corporations is long gone.  Their focus now is to lobby government for policies and regulation that favor their interests at the expense of working people including reducing or eliminating livable wages, healthcare and pensions.  They collectively spend billions of dollars on lobbyist, lawyers and experts to steer governmental policies and regulations to satisfy their self-interest.  Now instead of voter apathy, eligible voters have a sense of powerlessness.  What good is their single vote against all that power and wealth?

GOOD NEWS! THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!  And you are one of those numbers!  One hundred million eligible voters did not vote in the last presidential election!  Only 58% exercised their right to vote.  Seventy-five percent of American families make less than $100,000 a year, while 47% make less than $50,000 a year and nearly a quarter earn less than $25,000 a year.  The point is that hard-working Americans make up the vast majority of eligible voters making us the most powerful electoral force in the United States.  Let’s Vote!  Let’s elect public servants who represent our basic needs and support policy and regulations that provide fair and honest government.  Get involved!  Vote pro-labor!

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