Caring for our Children and the Right to Choose

How desperate must someone be to choose to end a pregnancy?  I don’t know because I have never been in that situation.  But before Roe vs. Wade, a thousand woman a year died from unsafe abortions and millions per year suffered abortion related injuries.  There are many reasons for a woman to seek an abortion including but not limited to rape, incest, health risks, failed birth control, abusive partner, and not being able to financially provide adequate care.  No matter the reason, women before Roe vs. Wade were so desperate they were willing to risk their lives and health.  Even though abortion is now legal, it has been on a steady decline since 1990.  This could be due to better education and more effective birth control provided by organizations such as Planned Parenthood.  Woman should have the right to choose and to have access to safe procedures, even though I wish that it didn’t have to happen.

I think, we as a nation, should focus on caring for our children who are already here.  16.2 million American children are food insecure.  400,000 American children are in foster care and 100,000 are waiting to be adopted.  We need to provide educational and economic opportunity for parents and prospective adoptive parents to be able to care for these children.  Training and good paying jobs is the answer, along with supporting children whose parents are disabled.  The richest country in the world should not have food insecure children!  Shame on us!



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