Expected Qualities of an American President

Republican, Democrat, left, right, center, conservative or liberal are all meaningless without respect, honor, honesty, authenticity, decency, integrity, accountability, empathy, inspiration, empowerment, collaboration, considered decision-making and national stewardship.  These are the qualities I expect from an American President regardless of their political affiliation and leanings.

Our current president is blatantly lacking in nearly all these qualities except for authenticity.  Due to his impulsivity, we are subjected to the first, unconsidered thoughts, that come into his mind through a Twitter feed and this is seen by many as authenticity.  However, to be authentic, every thought does not need to be made public.  Responsible authenticity would involve revealing the collaborative and considered process that was behind presidential decision-making.  These impulsive utterances posted on Twitter are creating unintended consequences and unnecessary anxiety for American citizens.  This is simply irresponsible and dangerous for our country and democracy.

Please vote with these expected qualities in mind…  character is of the utmost importance.


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Concerned Citizen

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