The Greatest Country in the World

MAGA (Make America Great Again) is the wrong message.  It is a false message.  It is a disheartening message that undermines America by causing us to question our greatness.  WE ARE THE GREATEST NATION THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER WITNESSED!  We are first economically, militarily, technologically and, most important, first in human rights.

Our values make us first.  Our faith, truth, honor, integrity, justice, human rights, tolerance and our willingness to work together make us a leader in the world of democracies and a rampart against authoritarian dictatorships.

Our democracy makes us great.  But, democracy is hard work.  Sometimes we run off course, we pull too far to the left or too far to the right.  But, when we work together in good faith, we run true north.  We need to find common ground for the common good.  America is already great, we only need to work together to make it better for all.

America is an ideal, not a single culture or race.  We are a country of immigrants who have come together by the ideal of freedom from tyrants.  Let’s make sure that we all exercise our right to participate in our government by voting and being politically active to protect ourselves from our homegrown tyrants fueled by greed, a greed that is fortified  by unfair government policies that favor the wealthy.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS ALREADY GREAT!!!  Your participation and vote will make it great for all Americans.  Remember a democracy in not easy, but worth the work for we all yearn to live free together.

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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Country in the World”

  1. How true are your comments..
    Today as I watch the funeral service of a great American Patriot, Senator John McCain , his daughter Megan said the same words…Saying America doesn’t have to be “Make America Great Again” as Trump touts this mantyra, everyday…Megan said…
    America always was and always will be Great!
    Well said


    1. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting….. it was so healing today to hear two former Presidents speak to us in words of comfort and hope and of course Megan’s words were so powerful… hopefully things will get better after the next election….


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