Two News Worlds: Creating False Division

I am often confused and perplexed by some of the views espoused by people I know both in person and on Facebook.  Seeking to understand the source of these views that are counter to my own worldview has been a major impetus for this blog.  I have explored bias or leanings in the media and have included some guidelines for finding factual news in past posts.  This week I tuned in to MSNBC on TV and Fox News streaming on my iPad at the same time and jotted down topics from each show.

MSNBC (rated on the media bias chart as skewed left with fair interpretations):

  • Mattis resigns as President Trump withdraws troops from Syria without consulting his cabinet, the Pentagon or experts in this matter with complete disregard for negative consequences.
  • Stock market in decline due to impulsive and unpredictable actions of the President.
  • Acting Attorney General Whitaker refuses to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation even though the ethics committee recommends recusal.
  • The Democratic controlled congress will look at Trump tax returns.

Fox News (rated on the media bias chart as hyper-partisan right with extreme unfair interpretations crossing the line into nonsense damaging to public discourse):

  • Immigrants flooding across the border.
  • One immigrant arrested for crimes.
  • The President is building the wall.
  • One MS 13 gang member arrested.
  • Deregulation is saving money as Health and Human Services are reduced.
  • A video of Millennials crying when Trump was elected who are now getting therapy dogs and massages.

AP Headlines (rated on the media bias chart as neutral news with no leanings or bias):

  • A decade-long rally on Wall Street looks like it’s ending.
  • Mattis resignation letter lays out challenges for successor.
  • Trump call with Turkish leader led to US pullout from Syria.
  • Supreme Court rejects Trump plea to enforce asylum ban.
  • Trump signs sweeping criminal justice bill.
  • Virtual wall grows as Trump border fight threatens shutdown.
  • Mexico appears willing but unready to hold US refugees.

These topics show that MSNBC is reporting the same topics as the Associated Press (AP), but with criticism of the President added, while Fox News has none of the topics reported by the AP.  People who only watch Fox News or other right-wing media sources are unaware of the economic downturn, the diminished standing of the United States in the world order and the fact that illegal immigration is the least of our problems especially when homegrown mass shooters are prevalent and the top one percent are stealing and hoarding the wealth of our country.  They are also unaware that the President needs to be held accountable and that our democracy is being damaged, maybe fatally.  Please find a neutral news-source and compare with what your favorite source is reporting.  Power is in the truth.


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