Democrats Defined???

President Trump and some other Republicans try to define what it means to be a Democrat and to state what Democrats supposedly believe.  As a lifelong Democrat, I find it puzzling that others seem to think they know what I am thinking and am disheartened by its erroneousness and its derogatory tone.  I was prompted to explore this line of thinking by the following statement posted by one of my Facebook friends.

It states that, “You can call Trump a bully, racist, zenophobe [sic], liar, islamaphobe [sic], fascist and even a Cheeto.  THE TRUTH IS, you hate him because he is a white conservative Christian, an outsider who’s exposing ALL of the Democratic corruption in Washington, and he’s KICKING ASS for the American people (right_winning)”

First all I don’t hate white people or any people just for the color of their skin.  Secondly, I don’t hate conservatives, even though Trump is not really a conservative (just ask some true conservatives).  Thirdly, I certainly do not hate Christians, because I am a practicing Christian.  Finally, there is all kinds of corruption going on in Washington, sadly its entrenched on both sides.

THE TRUTH IS that the American government has been taken over by wealthy elites who are both Republican and Democratic.  They are so far removed from average Americans that many don’t even realize the damage they are doing to America.  It is ashame that average Americans are being divided by false statements and news sources with an agenda.  If we only understood that average Americans are by far the majority and worked together, we would be a great force of change.  How can we find common ground?

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