Superficial Beliefs and Assumptions

This is the first time in my life that I have had strong opinions about a United States President and government policies.  I struggle to not dismiss the beliefs and assumptions of others that disagree with mine.  I read, listen and write about our current political climate.  I fact check and try to be aware of my own confirmation bias.  This is not an easy process.

Some, superficially, find the President’s brashness as a good quality while others, also superficially, find it distasteful and dangerous.  These divergent views are supported and fueled by opposing news sources that may be more concerned with ratings than truth.  Our superficial beliefs and assumptions reenforced by our favorite media makes it easy for us to jump to conclusions and wrongly believe that we know the truth.

One way for us to find common ground is to find one neutral news source and compare its reporting with our favorite news source and to note any discrepancies.  Google the media bias chart and choose one of the sources from the top center.  This is the place where we can begin to find common ground and to unmask our superficial beliefs and assumptions.