Blind Loyalty & the Cult of Masculinity

According to Beta Candy (The Cult of Masculinity 11/4/08), the cult of masculinity is where a man finds his identity and value.  Some find this identity in toughness and strength, in smartness (not in IQ or college degrees, but in the skill of outsmarting the other guy), and in autonomy that includes resentment of authority and rules (source: Into the Abyss: A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs by Mike Carlie Ph.D 2012).

These gang values, outlined by Carlie, seem to describe the behavior of President Trump. Disturbingly, some are attaching their identity and values to these behaviors.  This attachment allure is exponentially increased by the power Trump has been given by the Presidency.  Those who have internalized the identity and value put forth by this President may be engaging in blind loyalty.  They are no longer able to see things as they really are.  They have abandoned their true values and shut down their critical thinking.  They have lost touch with what is really important.  They need to know that wealth and power are temporary and temporal, and that human relationships and love are paramount and everlasting.

Can their blindness be healed?

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