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U.S. Senator and candidate for President of the United States, Elizabeth Warren, said at the June 26, 2019 Democratic debate that “The insurance companies last year alone sucked $23 billion in profits out of the health care system.  $23 billion.  And that doesn’t count the money that was paid to executives, the money that was spent lobbying Washington.”  This statement was declared “Accurate” by PolitiFact.  The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed.  When I signed my first contract as a Public School Special Education Teacher back in 1999, healthcare was included as a covered benefit.  The yearly contracts included a small increase each year which is fair as teachers become more proficient with each year of experience and the fact the cost of living increases each year.  About five years ago, teachers became responsible for a portion of the healthcare costs because the cost to the district became overwhelming.  Each year since, the portion has increased which has resulted in pay stagnation or even pay reduction.  It is one thing to make a sacrifice if it helps my community, but to enrich executives, stockholders and lobbyists is totally unacceptable.  Healthcare is just one example of how the top one percent is pillaging our economy for personal gain.  Big pharma, for profit prisons and detention centers, tax loopholes for the wealthy, offshore accounts….

Corporate socialism and free market for everyone else?  Really?  What will it take to make the system fair for everyone?  Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? Or are they too far to the left to win a general election?  Is there a more moderate candidate that can make the necessary changes?  Maybe Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg or Joe Biden?  The one thing I do know is that if the Democrats don’t win the majority in the senate, change will be impossible for whoever is elected.  So get out and VOTE!!!

Livable wages including healthcare and benefits will solve many of our problems.  Hoarding at the top benefits the very few.  Anyone working full-time should be able to afford a modest home, a car, food, clothes, access to the internet, and the ability to save a portion of their income for a vacation, college for their children, or a home improvement project.  If small businesses cannot afford to pay their employees a livable wage, then employee pay should be supplemented.  Also, anyone willing to work full-time at an entry-level job should have the opportunity to increase their skill level through community college or tech school certificate programs for a minimal cost.  We must rise from the bottom as trickle down from the top has proven not to work.  The top tends to keep most of the wealth produced by the bottom for themselves.  Gainful employment for all should be a national goal along with stopping the robbers at the top!

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