Perception Divided

Trump’s character on “The Apprentice” does not reflect who he really is.  He is not some clever businessman, he’s a spoiled rich kid who inherited a lot of money.  He wasted his time and his family’s money as he seemingly got nothing from his Ivy League education (his “fixer” worked to keep his transcripts secret).  It is documented that he lost his fortune several times and his father bailed him out at every turn.  Trump declared bankruptcy six times.  Some think this is a smart business technique, but it is shown that the bankruptcies were caused my impulsivity and overpaying.  He was not a good deal maker.  In order to keep his head above water, he stiffed contractors and used the courts to delay or deny restitution.  He lacks decency, morality and integrity.

Yet, he has adorning fans who think he’s the best president ever.  They cite tax cuts, deregulation, tariffs, and the appointment of conservative judges as evidence.  They believe the Mueller report is a hoax and accept the idea of a deep state undermining Trump’s presidency.  They dress up in Trump gear and go to rallies chanting in unison with their fellow true believers.  Their minds are made up and they refuse to discuss anything slightly contradictory to their beliefs.

They can’t see the threats to democracy, the rule of law and our standing in the world.  They can’t see the ineptness, the dismantling of expertise in government and the dangerous impulsivity.  They welcome authoritarianism and are blind to its unAmerican nature.  They are fearful of a changing America and want an authoritarian father-figure to protect or restore their way of life.

Trump fans seemingly only consume news that supports their views whether these are based in fact or not.  They are caught up in an information bubble or echo chamber that does not allow in new or correcting facts.  I am baffled by this blind allegiance.  What supporters see as plain talking, I see as word salad meant to distract attention from the truth.  The truth of inexperience, inability and wrongdoing.  We have become a laughing stock in the liberal democracy world and a useful idiot in the authoritarian world.

We need to come together and invest in America.  We need to invest in infrastructure, healthcare, education and innovation to maintain our number one standing in the world.  Divided we fall, united we rise!  If we’re filled with fear and hatred of others, we are diminished and unable to reach our full potential.  This president isn’t as great as you think, and I hope is not as bad and dangerous as I think.  Fact check and search for the truth.  Our status and survival depends on an informed citizenry.

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