Teflon Coating Does Not Last Forever

Accountability for years of wrongdoing has not stuck to Teflon Don, but guess what, it only takes one scratch to compromise the non-stickability of a Teflon pan.  Will the information provided by this week’s whistleblower cause the first deprecation of this invisible amour that is the result of unearned wealth along with the demeanor of an entitled schoolyard bully?

Apparently, Trump asked the leader of the Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden’s son in exchange for military support.  Joyce White Vance, a former U.S. Attorney in Alabama tweeted, “If this turns out to be what the whistleblower complaint is about & it’s accurate, Trump must leave office immediately, a president can’t offer US aid to a foreign country in exchange for prosecution of a political opponent. Heaven help us if we can’t all agree.”

Is this the fatal scratch that will cause us to toss this useless pan into the trash?  Don’t let false claims of fake news and witch hunt keep you from seeing the scratch.


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Concerned Citizen

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