Great and Unmatched Wisdom… REALLY?

Trump believes he has “…great and unmatched wisdom.”  This causes him to believe he is  his own best consultant and that he doesn’t need to ask the experts.  This self-delusion is dangerous to our country and, more importantly, our democracy.  He has methodically fired or dismissed those who disagree with his decisions of which many are based on disproven conspiracy theories taken from the tabloids or ideas planted in his brain by autocrats from U.S. hostile countries.  This is insane and frightening.

The first and true sign of great intelligence is recognizing and knowing your own limitations, everyone has them so denying them is just plain ignorant.  You know what you’re good at and you ask for help with what you’re not good at.  It is that simple, but his narcissism keeps him from seeing this truth.

In The Death of Expertise, Tom Nicholas says that the death of expertise is caused by rampant narcissism.  Many now believe that they know best, better than the experts.  For instance, we have Jared Kushner thinking he can bring peace to the Middle East, Ivanka thinking she is equipped to intelligently converse with world leaders with decades of knowledge and experience, and Don Jr. believing he has the authority to denigrate proven statesman and public servants.  Three boarding school, trust fund kids with no real expertise in government or foreign policy believing they are somehow magically qualified to fill these positions.

This is just scary and I can’t see where it ends.  It’s not just Trump and his offspring.  The narcissists are lining up to take over leaving the experts buried under a pile of unproven superficial concepts and conspiracy theories.  I got no answers.



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2 thoughts on “Great and Unmatched Wisdom… REALLY?”

  1. Good point! I can’t believe he made that comment about “great and unmatched wisdom”. It almost sounds like a line from SNL or something the Wizard of Oz might say. I hope he is impeached and either removed from office or voted out in 2020, for the good of the country! Hang in there!


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