Are we no longer incorruptible do-gooders?

Americans have been know around the world as incorruptible do-gooders, as a people who stand for freedom, democracy and human rights. We have persistently stood with our allies against authoritarianism, dictatorships and lawlessness around the world.  But now that perception is quickly and sadly dimming.  When did admiration for unethical, cruel and criminal behavior in the pursuit of power and wealth become the norm for Americans?  Somehow people willing to ignore their morals and engage in these behaviors have become seen as strong and clever.  Rule-breakers have become heroes and its alright because everyone is doing it, and rule-followers are seen as chumps.  In my opinion, these rule-breakers are pathetic cheaters who can’t achieve success by honorable means and are destroying American democracy and our standing in the world.

Some will argue that there has always been and will always be a faction who deals in “dirty tricks,” but, seemingly, up until now, the majority of Americans deemed this as unacceptable behavior.  Sadly, we have lost our way and are losing our credibility in the world.  Has the majority been corrupted?  Can we be restored as the incorruptible do-gooders of the world?

Right now, the current president is the chief admirer of unethical and immoral and illegal behavior in pursuit of wealth and power.  He is setting the tone for the entire country; and his party and constituents are cheering him on and blocking all attempts to right these wrongs.  Sadly, they are disparaging the honorable lifelong public servants who are coming forth to state the truth for all America to hear.  This is shameful!  Can we find our way back?  I hope so!

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