Life or Death Depends on Impulsivity?

As of this morning, there are 102,110 documented cases of the Coronavirus with 1,606 deaths in the United States.  The numbers doubled nearly every third day this last week.  There is no sign that it is stopping or slowing down.

Earlier this week, Impeached President Trump said he would like to negate social distancing in time for Easter Sunday so we can all go to church together.  It’s a beautiful thought that is not backed by science and health experts.

It is very scary that whether I live or die relies on the decisions of a man who went bankrupt six times not because he was a clever business man, but because he was impulsive and excessively overpaid for things.  His business reputation is so bad that American banks will not loan him money to fund his projects.  This has left the Trump Organization to rely on Germany’s Deutsche Bank who is known for money laundering for Russian Oligarchs.

Apparently, Impeached President Trump is motivated more by money and his re-election than the health and protection of the American people which he swore to do when he took the oath.  It became okay to sacrifice those 60 and older for the sake of the economy and his re-election, when someone on Fox News said the “…cure is worse than the disease” in referencing social distancing, unemployment and lost revenue.  The 60 plus portion of the U.S. represents 70 million people or 1 in 5 Americans.  This thought leaves me speechless.

I knew this day was coming late at night on November 8, 2016 when a sense of dread came over me as I learned that an incompetent, mullti-failed business man would become our President.  From day one, I had no confidence that this person could keep us safe and maintain our fragile democracy.  I did hope that he would be surrounded by sounder and keener minds that would keep us safe, but for now I can only hope that this is true.

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