America: Being Destroyed by Toxic Masculinity

Social safety nets, random acts of kindness and being one of the thousand points of light are seen as weak in these times of toxic masculinity. Our society, in its current state, over values strength, power and assertiveness at the expense of cooperation, empathy and community. Emphasis on masculine power is often associated with a disregard for consequences and responsibility. This is unacceptable.

Masculine pride, exaggerated masculinity and self-reliance are characteristics of machismo. It’s superficial, self-involved and anti-community. It puts babies in cages, refuses to wear a mask during a pandemic and brings assault rifles into the courthouse. It is destructive!

We need balance. We need to be strong, assertive and a leader in the world while being humble, empathetic and nurturing. It can be done. It’s been done before! Reject toxic masculinity!

Freedom of Speech Requires Responsibility

The freedoms granted by our Constitution are awesome and powerful for the individual. They represent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years of human intellectual and social evolution, the apex of human thought. We have freedom of expression, to share our thoughts and criticize the government. That used to mean that you could stand on a soapbox in the town square and shout your thoughts, hand out flyers on the corner, and maybe send a letter to the editor or write a book. But, today anyone with a smart phone can send their thoughts and opinions around the world in an instant!

We are bombarded with a constant tsunami of information and points of view much from dubious sources. Some is intentionally false in order to divide us while some speak untruths to gain personal wealth and power. We are guaranteed the right of freedom of expression, but it is illegal to yell fire in a crowded theatre when there is no fire.

It is our responsibility to know the source and validity of the information we share, and if we’re not sure we shouldn’t share. Today, it’s like millions of people are yelling fire when their isn’t one! The awesome power of individual freedom of speech requires individual responsibility to to know and tell the truth. The survival of our democracy depends on it.


Pandemic, collapsed economy and the justified worldwide protest against racism.  Once in a life time upheaval.  Of course, if my parents were still here they we equate these times with the great depression, WWII, the unrest experienced during the civil rights movement, Vietnam War and the subsequent peace movement.  But this time it happened all at once and without much warning.

Stay at home orders are being lifted and the economy is opening, BUT the pandemic is NOT over and top leadership is silent.  We are on our own.  Be safe, practice social distancing, avoid large groups, wear a mask and wash your hands.



Civil disturbance, coronavirus pandemic, a collapsed economy and incompetent leadership create a lethal mix that threatens the stability of our democracy. Will it burn and transform our democracy or destroy it? Fox News viewers believe the President is currently doing a good job, while the remaining 60% are horrified by his actions and lack of empathy.

I don’t know where it is going to end… I hope that everyone will exercise their right to vote and I hope the majority votes for democracy over autocracy. And, I hope that the media and the political parties will value truth over power. Are we at a flashpoint?