America: Being Destroyed by Toxic Masculinity

Social safety nets, random acts of kindness and being one of the thousand points of light are seen as weak in these times of toxic masculinity. Our society, in its current state, over values strength, power and assertiveness at the expense of cooperation, empathy and community. Emphasis on masculine power is often associated with a disregard for consequences and responsibility. This is unacceptable.

Masculine pride, exaggerated masculinity and self-reliance are characteristics of machismo. It’s superficial, self-involved and anti-community. It puts babies in cages, refuses to wear a mask during a pandemic and brings assault rifles into the courthouse. It is destructive!

We need balance. We need to be strong, assertive and a leader in the world while being humble, empathetic and nurturing. It can be done. It’s been done before! Reject toxic masculinity!

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Concerned Citizen

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