Uphold Separation of Church and State

It is undemocratic, unconstitutional and un-American to legislate a national religion. The United States is based on freedom of religion meaning the government will not impose any religion upon us. We are free to practice the religion of our choice or no religion at all. We must uphold the separation of state and church.

My parents, born in the 1920s, would always defer to people who served God. They would automatically see them as selfless people who were not interested in wealth or power. They were to be admired as their focus was to humbly serve others. My parents would never question the motives of these servants of God who were unmoved by worldly pleasures and things.

How can SOME, not all, of today’s politically active “servants of God” be pro-big business at the expense of workers who are now forced, in many cases, to struggle to feed their children, anti-LGBTQ / marriage equality when we know that people are born different, against healthcare for people who need it, against abortion for rape, incest and even when a woman’s health is at risk and ignore climate change when according to the Bible humans are to be the stewards of the Earth?

It seems that money and power have infiltrated some of the humble selfless servants of God admired by my parents. I fear extremism will adversely effect our lives as these radical Christians claim that their religious liberty is violated when they can’t impose their religious views on others. And the “packing” of the courts under the Trump administration will empower them even more. History shows that religious extremism can be dangerous and destructive.

I am a practicing Methodist and experience great comfort and strength from my church family and hope that my presence and actions bring the same to others. I am by no means condemning Christianity, just the violation of the Constitutions’ tenet of separation of church and state. The Bible can be and has been interpreted in thousands of ways and to have one way enforced by law is outlandish, un-American and a violation of everyone else’s religious liberty.

Vote for freedom!

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