Pervasive Propaganda

Mass media and social media is brimming with propaganda from various domestic groups, political entities and foreign enemies. Their purpose is persuasion in order to alter your values and beliefs forcing you to act for their benefit. Propaganda today is nearly inescapable and more sophisticated and diverse than ever. Don’t be a propaganda pawn!

Don’t be influenced by hate groups, greedy oligarchs, anti-democracy autocrats, religious extremists and conspiracy theorists as they have infiltrated much of our media. Avoid YouTube, Twitter and far left or far right media sources for your news. Stick with neutral sources such as the Associated Press, NPR News, CBS News or local news. If your news sources are pushing your buttons, making you angry and putting you at odds with many of your friends and family members stop watching it because you are being manipulated.

America is being torn apart by propaganda from many sources and our democracy is at risk! Don’t believe the lies! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and love your neighbor as yourself!

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