Putin Sides with Insurrectionists

THAT SHOULD SCARE THE HECK OUT OF EVERY AMERICAN! Russian President, Vladimir Putin, former Soviet KGB agent, propaganda expert, lifelong sworn enemy of the United States and democracies everywhere, is siding with the Trump insurrectionists who violently attacked the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021 as they tried to stop congress from its duties to certify the duly elected next president of the United States.

Let’s be clear, Putin’s only interest is world power and wealth for himself and his oligarch friends. Trump and his followers are just one of his tools to reach his selfish goals.

Conspiracy theories, Q’Anon, right-wing media, right-leaning social media, much of the GOP and cartoon-like news sources such as Fox News, OAN, NewsMax are doing Putin’s work for him. America’s own, homegrown, propaganda machine is destroying America from within playing right into the hands of Putin.

Apparently, nearly half of Americans no longer value and cherish the democracy envisioned by our founders. They have bought into the lies, and now, act and vote against democracy, sometimes violently. They don’t realize that they’re anti-democratic views and actions are not just un-American, but detrimental to themselves while benefiting the super wealthy.

When I was growing up, the biggest threat to America and democracy was nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Today, it’s misinformation! Misinformation, frighteningly, internalized by half of Americans! Misinformation that is, sadly, funded by greedy, super wealthy Americans who are, effectively, robbing ordinary Americans of the power granted to them by the Constitution of the United States. They use outright lies, made up us versus them stances and false patriotism to brainwash everyday Americans.

Putin’s approval and support of the insurrectionists should be heard as a dire warning to American democracy. America’s acceptance of misinformation will result in a world takeover by oligarchs and the diminishment of human rights and opportunity for everyone else. Trump, the GOP and their followers are Putin pawns, nothing could be more un-American or anti-democracy! STOP BELIEVING THE LIES THAT HELP PUTIN AND THAT DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY!

Putin hates democracy because it is the only thing standing between him and world domination. If Putin and the world oligarchs , including powerful American oligarchs, takeover, you and I will be nothing more than their powerless chattel. That is the cost of believing the lies and throwing away our democracy.