Acting on Shallow Knowledge is Dangerous

People are acting on the basis of emotional trigger words. Buzzwords, derogatory labels and anger words are shaping beliefs and perceptions while stifling reason and critical thinking. False patriotism and false definitions of liberty are fueling anger.

People have become estranged from their friends and families, have broken the law, engaged in violence, killed and lost their lives all based on superficial, unexamined words. Anti-science, anti-intellectual attitudes are keeping people from the truth.

Some of the trigger words and phrases include terrific, horrible, patriot, liberal, lousy, banned, socialism, stolen, fake news, crooked, illegal immigrant, Antifa, nasty, coastal elites, Black Lives Matter, disaster, faith-based, hostile, and radical just to name a few.

These single words and phrases are causing people to act dangerously against their fellow Americans and democracy! Be aware of trigger words and look deeper. Find the source and the motivation behind their use. Theses words and phrases are being used to cause you to act against your own best interests and are destroying democracy by giving more and more power to the American oligarchs at the expense of ordinary Americans.

Think before you act!

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Concerned Citizen

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