Billionaire Backed Misinformation

Consumers of mainstream media are often perplexed by the views and beliefs by consumers of right-wing media. The views at times seem counterintuitive, possibly self-destructive and un-American. Mainstreamers wonder how such views could originate in their peers?

As it turns out, right-wing media misinformation is funded by billionaires who want to take all they can without responsibility for all they destroy in the process. They consume our resources, pollute the environment, exploit workers and evade taxes. Their anti-government stance isn’t based in some ideology of American “freedom,” but in pure greed. The government is the only force that could hold them accountable and so they fooled ordinary Americans into becoming anti-government, anti-democracy and anti-intellectual by feeding them exaggeration, falsehood and phony culture wars in order to maintain their unchecked power.

People are arguing over the life saving masks and vaccines crucial for surviving a once in a hundred years pandemic, while billionaires are spewing benzene in the air, dumping mercury onto the ground and destroying democracy!

Ask yourself, who’s funding the lies and why?