Who are the poor in the U.S.?

Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) thinks that people who are not rich are lazy and spend their money on booze, women and movies.  So let’s take a look at who the poor really are in the United States.

First, we’ll look at how poverty is determined.

Number of Family Members            Annual Income Poverty Level

1                                                                 $12,060

2                                                                 $16,240

3                                                                 $20,420

4                                                                 $24,600

Next, we’ll look at poverty by ethnicity.

Ethnicity                                    Number Living in Poverty

White                                           21.6 million

Hispanic                                      12.4 million

Black                                             9.9 million

Asian                                             1.9 million

Finally, we’ll look at who’s not lazy and spending their money unwisely.  This is the majority of the poor!

13.2 million children

4.1 million senior citizens

14.8 million people with disabilities

9.5 million working poor

So let’s cut entitlements so these lazy people will get to work (really?),  while nearly a trillion dollars in tax revenue is lost to corporations holding profits in offshore accounts.

*All numbers are approximate and gathered from various sources.  Fact checking welcome.


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