Turning Lies into Truth by Robert Reich

According to Robert Reich, “Donald Trump is the most lying president we’ve ever had, and he seems to get away with it.  This year he has lied about everything from matters of national security to how often he plays golf.  Here’s his 10-step plan to turning lies into near truths.”

Mr. Reich presented this 10-step plan in the form of a video.  I have transcribed that video to the best of my ability so that it can be more easily digested and internalized for greater understanding.

Trump’s 10-Steps for Turning Lies into Near Truths

  1. Trump lies.
  2. Experts and the media say his claim is false.
  3. Trump blasts the experts and condemns the media for being dishonest.
  4. Trump repeats the lies saying “many people say he’s right.”
  5. The media describes the lie as a “disputed fact.”
  6. Trump repeats the lies in speeches, tweets and interviews.  Then it is repeated by his surrogates and the right-wing media.
  7. The media begins to describe the lie as a controversy.
  8. Then polls show a growing number of, mostly Republican, Americans begin to believe the lies.
  9. The media, then, begins to describe the lie as a claim that reflects a partisan divide and is found to be true by many.
  10. The public becomes confused and disoriented about what the facts are and Trump wins!

Mr. Reich says the solution to this is “Don’t let Trump’s lies become near truths.  Be vigilant, know the truth and spread it.  The media should stop mincing words.  Report Trump’s lies as lies!”


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2 thoughts on “Turning Lies into Truth by Robert Reich”

  1. Trump’s tenuous relationship to the truth has bothered me from the start. It’s so strange because he lies about silly things that could be easily disproven like crowd size or how rich he is. He liked to tell guests visiting his historic Mar-a-Lago estate that the decorative tiles in one of the bedrooms were created by a young Walt Disney. When someone confronted him with the fact that this was simply not true, his response was “Who cares!”. I find it very disturbing although his supporters seem not to be bothered by it.


    1. Lying seems to be second nature to him. It’s as if lies are so natural that they’re not always used strategically. They’re just convenient to boost his ego or support the worldview he’s created, a worldview that’s not based in reality. As far as his supporters not being bothered by his lies, I think they may believe his lies are part of his deal-making skills that are going to somehow make their lives better. Thanks for your comments.


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