Celebrate Hard Working Americans

We need to celebrate and recognize all hard-working people in America and their contributions and accomplishments;  the janitor who earns his GED, the food server who earns an associate degree and the gas station attendant who earns a service tech degree, and the woman who goes to work everyday and takes care of elderly or disabled loved ones after work and on weekends, every day.

We need to celebrate all workers including, but not limited to bus drivers, meat wrappers, gas station attendants, car wash guys, sanitation workers, truck drivers, farm workers, public works workers, factory workers, retail clerks, plumbers, mechanics, first responders, LPN’s, home healthcare aides, cab drivers, carpenters, construction workers, linemen, cable guys, lawn care workers, crossing guards, short order cooks, dishwashers, food service workers, custodians, hair dressers, barbers, hotel maids, lunch ladies, all underpaid and overworked para-professionals, and every person who gets up everyday and contributes to the American workforce even though their pay for 40 hours work per week may not result in a livable wage.

This is the heart of the American people!  These are the people who make America work!  We should not undervalue workers who fill entry-level jobs or jobs that only require a certificate, apprenticeship or on the job training.  These jobs need to be honored and recognized as important to American success!

And people who think they worked harder than these people in order to get their professional degrees or small businesses need to remember that natural ability, opportunity and support, together, determine how far your hard work can take you!  Natural ability without opportunity and support is not enough.  So, first, be thankful for your natural ability, opportunity and support before you cast judgement on others and the value of their contribution and accomplishments.  And, I want to thank you for your hard work and contributions as I thank all hard-working Americans.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate Hard Working Americans”

  1. Well said! So true that natural ability, opportunity, and support are all far more randomly bestowed upon us than many people suppose.


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