If the President was 13 years old…


I am not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or a trained journalist, I am only an observant victim, a victim whose life is adversely affected by an emotionally stunted President of the United States.  In The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump:  27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess the President, edited by Bandy X. Lee M.D., M.Div., A Thomas Dunne Book, Saint Martin’s Press, New York, 2017, the authors suggest that Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist, but they are professionally bound to not make an official diagnosis without personally assessing the patient.  Since, I am not a mental health professional, I’m only writing about what I experience.

Why am I frequently bewildered by the behavior of the president?  Why does he not act presidential?  A quick internet search revealed that the bullying, misbehaving, 13-year-old Donald J. Trump was sent off to military school,  abruptly separated and rejected by his family.  I posit that this trauma stopped his emotional development in its tracks keeping him perpetually stuck in a state of egocentrism that one would expect from a 13-year-old or possibly someone even younger.

An article by Brooke Turner called “What is egocentrism in adults?” found at healthfully.com, was very informative in explaining the characteristics of someone who is egocentric.  She states that egocentrism occurs when a person is unable to distinguish between their own perspective and that of another person.  They are not aware that different views exists and only understand their own point of view.  They struggle to communicate with others and don’t understand how to read another’s body language or emotional state, making it difficult for them to engage in healthy communication with others.  Egocentrics often have low-self esteem and use arrogance and pridefulness as a cover to compensate for feelings of low self-worth and insecurity.  They easily feel intimidated and inferior frequently becoming defensive.  They use exaggeration and develop a superiority complex in order to gain recognition.  In turn, they mock others, making fun of their lack of abilities to be perceived as more talented than others.

Now that I have examined the characteristics of egocentrism, I better understand some of the behaviors of the president.  Donald Trump wants libel laws beefed up to punish Michael Wolff for his book Fire and Fury that is a Whitehouse tell all, while not even considering the multitude of lies he has told about others.  In addition, he exhibited no empathy for the Hawaiian’s who experienced the false missile warning.  He could only understand how it affected him and that it wasn’t his fault.  I guess three marriages and a history of strained relationships with his children could be evidence of a struggle to communicate with others, in addition to him thinking that he is his own best advisor in the Whitehouse.  Arrogance, pridefulnes, exaggeration, superiority complex and mocking others was his campaign stance and has carried over into the presidency.  Now we understand that this is a defense mechanism for feelings of low self-esteem and inferiority which causes him to surround himself with people who know less than he does and its been said that he is not well read.  Wow, I just had a scary thought!  What happened when a bunch of schoolboys were stranded without adult supervions in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies?

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