U.S. Government Ordained by God?

Quoting Romans 13, Jeff Sessions inferred that our democratic government is made up of elected officials that are ordained by God and that justifies following man-made laws that hurt children.  As a Christian, a member of a democracy and as a human being, this makes me sick.  Using the Bible as permission to engage in abhorrent acts is an affront to, not just all Christians, but to all of humanity.

If Sessions can use the Bible to separate parents and children seeking asylum, why don’t we separate children from parents who engage in tax evasion by using offshore accounts because Romans 13 also says you should pay your taxes.

Paul wrote Romans 13 when Christians were powerless against the ruthless Roman Empire.  Following Roman Law was necessary for simple survival.  But we live in a democracy of government by the people for the people.  We have the power to change unjust, inhumane laws.  Using the Bible as an excuse is disgusting and immoral.

More importantly, Romans 13 says “Love your neighbor as yourself.  Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is fulfilling of the law.”

Love does not separate children from their parents.

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2 thoughts on “U.S. Government Ordained by God?”

  1. According to Cardinal Timothy Dolan, there is no valid biblical defense for separating families and it “goes against human decency”. In a recent appearance on CNN, he pointed out that St Paul said that we should obey the law of the government IF that law is in conformity with God’s law. God’s law trumps man’s law.


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