Unbridled Machismo: Dangerous to Democracy?

Yea, you bet.  I’ve read that some support Trump because of his machismo, but unbridled machismo is destructive.  Machismo is exaggerated masculinity and power often associated with disregard for consequences and responsibility.  To be truly effective, machismo must be balanced with the feminine.  Everyone, regardless of biological gender, has a feminine and a masculine side.

Masculine attributes include courage, independence, violence and assertiveness.  Feminine attributes include empathy, caring, compassion, tolerance and nurturing.  When examined, it is clear that these attributes are not mutually exclusive.  What good is  courage when it is not used for a good purpose?  And what good is caring without the expectation of self-responsibility?  As you can see, balance between the feminine and masculine is necessary for positive outcomes.

Most boys in our culture are subjected to “the boy code” which rejects all signs of feminine qualities.  They are expected to keep their emotions in check.  They innately know that violence is an acceptable response to emotional upsets and that self-esteem relies on power.  Boys are expected to keep a stiff upper lip, to not show feelings, to act real tough, to not act too nice and to be cool.  They are discouraged from expressing feelings, dependence, warmth and empathy.  Sadly, blind adherence to the boy code can prevent men from having emotionally rich relationships. (Source:  “Real Boys:  Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood”, by Dr. William Pollock)

This blog entry was inspired by the utterly dispassionate separation of young children from their mothers and fathers by the United States Government as these families sought asylum from pervasive gang and drug cartel violence in their communities.  These parents feared for their lives and the lives of their children.  They feared their boys would be forced into gangs and that their daughters would have been raped or sold into sex-trafficking rings.  I agree that immigration needs to be regulated, but there are tough, yet compassionate ways to enforce it.

This travesty of separating young children, including toddlers, babies and nursing infants, went on for more than six weeks before the feminine spirit of our nation spoke up through the words of the First Lady, Melanie Trump and First Daughter, Ivanka.  Sadly, the feminine counter balance was not provided earlier by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, U.S. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley or Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who all supported this unthinkable violence to the emotional health of these families.

Our democratic country needs balance between the feminine and  masculine.  We need compassionate law.  The most important thing in life is not wealth, power and prestige.  It is love… love for fellow human beings.  Love is learned through family and community.  If the family of origin fails, the human family must step in.  We are all part of the human family.

I don’t see Trump as a tough, machismo, smart leader.  I see the false machismo of a sad, juvenile, insecure, school-yard bully who is uninformed, impulsive and self-involved.  He needs to be balanced with the strong feminine that will bring empathy, caring, compassion, tolerance and nurturing back to the greatest democracy that ever existed.

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3 thoughts on “Unbridled Machismo: Dangerous to Democracy?”

  1. Who is Donald Trump and what does he represent? Our previous leaders talked of strong and positive masculine qualities. They referred of aspiring to democracy and humanity. They spoke of justice and liberty but Donald Trump does not talk of any of these ideals. To him there are only winners and losers ; hence his slogan, Make America great Again.
    Our current president speaks often of patriotism another term for loyalty. A example of this is the stupid NFL controversy which we the American public had to suffer through. According to factba.se, up to this date the president has talked about democracy fewer than 100 times equality only 12 times human rights only 10 times.
    Trump has thrown humanism out the window. This virtue both sexes subscribe to. On April 6 Jeff Sessions announced a zero tolerance for those crossing illegally into the United States. Soon two thousand children were taken from their parents and put behind chain link fences under the care of the federal government. Crying toddlers and infants were taken from their parents. The outcry from the public was so loud our president on May 26th responded in a Twitter feed “Its horrible” even though he authorized it. Three weeks later he made his intention clear when he tried to get the congress to vote on the border wall. It was apparent that he had the power to resolve the child separation problem even though he denied it.

    The forefathers of the U.S.A stood by the the value of liberty over tyranny but President Trump seems most comfortable with tyrannical leaders Past Presidents kept at arms length Abdul Fattah AL-Sisi President Trump said of him, “The man I felt very clpse to the first time I met him” ,the Philipppines president Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin both known jailers and murderers. of their own people The president shut his eyes when president Erdigan ordered his thugs to beat protesters in Washington.
    Rodger Stone a personal friend a Republican aide of Trump said of Trump he couldn’t of colluded with the Russian his was always to disorganized. I’ve listed many important male qualtities and attributes
    The president has none of these. Thank you Time magazine for providing the bulk of the information


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