Heard but ignored…

The hope I had in democracy at work last week has been diminished.  The two women who confronted Senator Jeff Flake (R) of Arizona in the elevator were heard and Senator Flake was able to garner a FBI investigation with a one week limitation into the credible allegations of sexual assault made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

I had hopes that the truth would be uncovered, but, apparently, the FBI was somehow limited in the scope of their investigation.  They never interviewed Ford or Kavanaugh nor 20 other people who had information to share and the investigation lasted less than half the time given.  Needless to say the investigation was anything but thorough and a great disappointment.  I didn’t want to see Kavanaugh falsely accused, but Ford’s personal sacrifice in coming forward deserved a respectable investigation by the FBI and that did not happen.  True democracy was not served.

At this time, it is likely that Kavanaugh will be confirmed for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court despite the fact that 50% of Americans, when polled, are against the confirmation and only 33% are for it.  This proves that the United States Senate does not truly represent the people!  However, it is still critical for each of us to cast our votes!  Don’t be ignored!

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