As a newbie to following politics, I find it exhausting trying to discern the truth and even the reality put forth by the members of the governing body.  The quest for money and power among the political class causes both sides to spin their stories to the point of ridiculousness.  As I have taken a closer look at the political process of our country, I was surprised to find that some people, maybe most, are far less clever than I thought they would be.  Pettiness and overly obvious attempts at obfuscation are the norm.  Most seem to have lost any sense of what life is like for the average American.

If they were in touch with average Americans, they would legislate for livable wage jobs, affordable healthcare and housing, job training and education, and repairing the infrastructure, rather than tax cuts for the rich and deregulation that puts people and the environment in danger in order for the rich to get more money.

But, sadly, getting funding for reelection and enriching ones’ self is more important than making America work for everyone.  It could be so simple, but it is just exhausting.  PLEASE VOTE FOR THOSE WHO TRULY REPRESENT ALL AMERICANS.

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