Thanks for voting… Voting is not just a right but a duty!

Can we recover from the devolution of our ideal that”… all are created equal?”  I witnessed a social evolution in my life time in which we began to live up to this ideal by granting civil rights to all.  This occurred because we evolved as a people and righted a wrong.  Now I see this progress waining as racism is used to demean and attack fellow Americans.

Some people are blaming minorities and immigrants for their economic decline, but this blame is misplaced.  Our economic system has been manipulated to favor stockholders and to strip stakeholders of their fair share.   Stakeholders are the workers that give their lives to benefit the company while stockholders just invest money.  Investment is risky, but workers only have one life to give and should be rewarded with a livable wage.  The investment class would like you to believe that we have a “free market” economy and that the invisible hand of the market has caused wages to stagnate or go down, but that is not true.  The economy is legislated and regulated to favor big donors.

Legislators are to blame along with those who do not exercise their right to vote, not minorities and immigrants.  So thanks to those who voted.  And, I want to encourage the hundred million eligible voters who don’t vote to do so!  Stakeholders far out number stockholders!  If we vote together, we can create a fair economy that provides opportunities for all.

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