Decency In Differences

A hopeful moment in politics…  I hope it continues!

The Arizona United States Senate race between candidates Martha McSally (R) and Krysten Sinema (D) has given me hope that tribalism may not be our only future.   McSally’s congratulatory concession video demonstrated how to lose with honor and respect.  This video can be viewed at and it is titled Republican McSally Concedes Arizona Senate Race to Democratic Winner Kyrsten Sinema.

Krysten Sinema spoke of finding common ground in her victory speech and gave a tribute to Republican Senator John McCain.  This video can be viewed at and is titled Sinema gives tribute to McCain in victory speech.

These candidates provided an outstanding example of how to run a civilized campaign and what to do when the results come in.  Decency trumped party.  Decency and respect need not be sacrificed.  There can be decency in differences.


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