I have nothing to say about that…

How are we supposed to react to childish bullying and name-calling from an adult?  Sixteen candidates in the 2016 Republican primary were unsuccessful in their response to adolescent taunting as they tumbled one by one.  Not even one ridiculous, outrageous or derogatory claim phased the perpetrator and all reasonable responses were ineffective.  I’m still befuddled how such unacceptable, juvenile behavior became an effective political tool in the American race for president.  Fortunately, I have witnessed what may be the perfect response.

This week Beto O’Rourke announced his run for the 2020 presidency.  When Trump was asked what he thought about this, he went on a lengthy critique describing Beto’s hand movements when he talks while Trump contributed nothing of relevant substance.  When Beto was asked what he thought about Trump’s characterization of his hand gestures, he simple and smartly said… “I have nothing to say about that…”  Not giving Trump’s middle school comments attention or credence is the best response.  This is a lesson that Elizabeth Warren could have benefited from when confronted with the “Pocahontus” taunts as her DNA testing backfired in denouncing Trump.

So the answer is to ignore the immature remarks and to continually address in great detail the issues that are important to Americans.  Argue the issues not the school yard goading.  You will find that your opponent does not have the tools to compete with you.  He only has one tool in his box.  Shut it down by ignoring it!!!

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