The Greatest Threat to American Democracy….

It’s NOT immigrants, socialists, inner-city poverty, rural poverty,  gangs, drugs, hostile foreign powers, war, Russian spies, ISIS, foreign influence or anything else you can think of.


An insatiable upper class puts wealth before humanity and the common good and is stealing the wealth that was generated by us all.  Honest toil has been devalued even though it is essential for the wealth and the well-being of our democracy.

We don’t need fancy philanthropy, we need livable wages and benefits.  We need to honor hard work and stop idolizing ego feeding wasteful wealth.  Democracy is good for everyone and must come first!  We need legislation that benefits all Americans, not just the powerful and wealthy.  According to a John Stossel special I saw years ago, money does not buy happiness beyond basic needs.  He stated that happiness does not increase with money once a modest lifestyle is achieved.

We need to remember that the greatness of our country, since post World War II, was founded on a majority middle class that was mostly public educated.  People who were willing to work a 40 hour work week regardless of their level of education could easily enter the middle class.  I realize that many ordinary jobs today require more training, but shop classes in high schools and certificate programs in community colleges could readily remedy this problem creating success for many and the well-trained workers that employers seek.

We need to support and honor the dignity of work with livable wages and benefits in order to save our democracy!

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