Yearning for decency in leadership…

Decency is what made and makes America great.  Our decency is a foil to autocrats around the world.  Putting human rights before money has been our hallmark until now as a homegrown plutocrat has usurped our democracy.

What is a plutocrat?  A plutocrat is a person whose power derives from their wealth and NOT from their talent, ability, intelligence, insight, character, morality, service, leadership or decency.

The lack of these noble characteristics were apparent during the campaign and into the presidency.  Adam Schiff listed some of the unacceptable behaviors including trying to establish a back channel between the campaign and Russia, not reporting Russia’s attempts to contact members of the campaign team to the FBI, meeting with the Russian’s in the Trump Tower and lying about the purpose of the meeting, trying to procure a business deal in Moscow for another Trump Tower and lying about it to the American public, and hiring criminals to run and work in the campaign (e.g. Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Flynn…).  And, not addressing Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign.  Schiff said IT’S NOT OKAY!  IT IS UNPATRIOTIC AND CORRUPT!

We are in desperate  need of a truly intelligent leader of great moral character.  We need a return to decency.  Your vote is essential to the survival of our democracy!

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