Financial and Economic Rights…

America has been known for protecting and standing for human rights throughout the world.  During my life time, we have recognized our own shortcomings in some of these areas and have fostered change in civil rights, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights.  Now we need to fight for “financial and economic rights.”

Wages have not kept up with the cost of living while collective bargaining organizations have been gutted.  Job opportunities providing a living wage are much harder to find today.  Regulation or de-regulation is favoring stockholders at the expense of stakeholders.  CEOs, board members, stockholders and the wealthy are pillaging the American middle class.  Pillage means to strip ruthlessly of money or goods by open violence.  By breaking unions and increasing the cost of good and services, including prescription drugs and healthcare and higher education, the middle class is being bled dry.

A potential example of this pillaging has come to light this week as Steven Mnuchin, U.S. Treasury Secretary, is suspected of aiding hedge-fund manager, Eddie Lampert, of siphoning more than $2 billion from Sears resulting in the company’s bankruptcy and the loss of thousands of middle class jobs.  Sears has been an American staple since the pioneer days and one greedy, ruthless person has robbed it of all its assets at the expense of thousands of Americans.

Where is the integrity, decency, ethics, morals and fairness that have been connected to America?  Is it lost to “ruthless Darwinian competition?”  Is this a response to the promotion of mediocracy in which “everyone gets a trophy?”  I think we can find the middle ground between “ruthless Darwinian competition” and “everyone gets a trophy.”  The middle ground involves empathy and empathy is what makes us human.  It’s not wrong to recognize natural talent and hard-work while providing opportunities and encouragement for everyone else rather than shaming for not being the best.  Every team member has value!

Legislators must create regulation that provides livable wage jobs and immediately stops the pillaging of the middle class by the wealthy class.  The survival of American democracy requires it.

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