Russia’s Cyber Attack on U.S. is NOT A HOAX

Russia influenced the 2016 election through cyber attacks and is looking to do the same in 2020.  Their intention is to undermine our democracy.  Russia will greatly benefit by undermining the alliance of the democratic nations of the world.  By weakening democracy around the world, Russia will be undeterred from violating human rights and  will engage in diminishing the freedom and economic opportunity of its citizens while using torture and murder to silence its detractors.  This will clear the way for Putin and his Russian Oligarch friends to steal the wealth of their nation and then the world.  And, now we have a President who refuses to hold Putin accountable for his crimes against the United States allowing him to rob us of our freedom and our ability to earn a living.

Why is the Trump administration and the Republican party allowing this to happen unchecked?  Is it because they hate liberals so much that they are willing to allow our democracy to be destroyed?   Tune in next week for more information.

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