American Oligarchy

According to Robert Reich, “…the American oligarchy is shafting Americans by siphoning up the wealth of the nation for itself and corrupting our politics.”  The super wealthy have used their money and power in politics to rewrite “…the rules of the economy in their favor …creating a vicious cycle of economic inequality …funneling more wealth to the wealthy.”  This has created an economy in which 78% of Americans are working paycheck to paycheck.  This is wrong!  The economy must work for all, not just the few!

Robert Reich states that we need to build progressive power by forming a coalition of our multiracial working and middle class workers to renew our democracy and by creating a fair economy.  He says we need to have a commitment to democratic principles including political equality, equal opportunity and justice for all.  And, most importantly, we need to get big money out of politics.

He continues by saying we need a bold agenda including a basic income, jobs guarantee, medicare for all and free public college education.

In order for this to work, he suggest that we need to put aside our differences and to not allow Trump and his enablers to continue to divide us with confusion and despair.

I believe we tend to see rich people as somehow smarter and more clever than average Joes like us.  And that they have achieved the ultimate American dream through hard-work when in fact they have cheated and rigged the system in their favor!  They rob us and then blame immigrants for our lack.  We need to take back the economy for all and to stop the cheating robbers of our wealth.


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