Vilification of Hillary Clinton…

It was reported yesterday that the Justice Department review of Hillary Clinton found nothing of consequence.  No improper actions involving the totally fabricated Uranium One story or the use of a private email server.  The State Department found “no deliberate mishandling of classified information…” regarding the emails.  Ten investigations found no improper actions in relation to the Benghazi attack.  In October 2016, the Justice Department felt the cases against the Clinton Foundation were “…weak and saw little reason to continue the investigations.” Again, in January 2020, the Justice Department “…found nothing worth pursuing…” after Trump called for further investigations into Clinton in 2017.

Uranium One, emails, Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation all thoroughly investigated and no wrongdoing found!  Before the 2016 election, I didn’t follow politics very closely, didn’t watch much news and certainly didn’t hear right-wing media views firsthand.  However, I still had a loose view that Clinton maybe wasn’t totally honorable.  This doubt was caused by some offhand comments by others as these lies subconsciously permeated my worldview.  But now that I’ve had three years to research this view, I have found that the Republican-right successfully vilified Clinton.  I still voted for Clinton in the 2016 election because the alternative was far worse than the view I had of Clinton.

It’s time to stop the chants of “LOCK HER UP.”  Our Democracy requires healthy debate, not ridiculous characterizations and lies.  Seek the truth!


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