CDC Guidlines Shelved by White House?

We are in the midst of the worst pandemic in a 100 years, nearly 80,000 Americans have died with another 1.3 million confirmed infections,  and our economy is tanking to Great Depression levels.  There is no effective treatment nor vaccine and most people, other than essential workers, are staying home which is financially crushing many industries and small businesses.  The only way to save the economy and not get sick and die is to follow well thought out guidelines created by experts!

Well guess what?  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) complied a comprehensive plan for safely returning to normal activities that would result in economic recovery.  A plan put together by panels of American experts funded by our tax dollars that is being withheld from us!

But the ridiculous plutocrats led by impeached President Trump, think they know better than the experts.  They think that the power that comes from their wealth somehow gives them the intellect to be experts in all fields.  So go get your intravenous lysol kit and get to work.

The White House shelved the guidelines until the Associated Press broke the story, only then did they quickly release portions of the guidelines.  In my opinion, the refusal to release and embrace the CDC guidelines is simply Trump’s attempt to control the narrative for political purposes.  He is willing to sacrifice your life and the lives of your loved ones to better his chances of being reelected.  That is his only motivation while the CDC is only concerned with your well-being and the well-being of your fellow human beings.  So, whom am I going to believe and follow?  Do I really need to ask this question?  I hope not…

I want to follow the guidelines I paid the experts to produce.

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