Republicans Dump Democracy

American exceptionalism is founded on democratic norms based in an honor system, not in strict codified law. An unAmerican, undemocratic “strongman” can easily run them over and destroy them like a toddler knocking over the building block structure their older sibling had carefully assembled during their morning playtime. It takes real strength, maturity and true character to abide by our norms and uphold democracy. However, Republicans have dumped democracy by kowtowing to a wannabe autocrat in order to grab power.

Trump supporters have been engulfed by a dense fog created by all encompassing disinformation and conspiracy theories disguised as real legitimate news that actually only deals in lies and false fear without even a hint of adherence to journalistic standards. It’s created an “us versus them” mindset with an in-group versus out-group mentality that is deadly to a successful democracy. Followers of this thinking singularly focus on hating and undermining the “other” rather than being grounded in a specific ideology, creating effective policies and approaching the table in a rational state of mind ready to compromise and negotiate. “Sticking it to the libs” accomplishes NOTHING and destroys what we share.

Right wing media and the president FALSELY claim that the election was rigged or fraudulent. The Trump lawyers filed 60 law suits including two to the Supreme Court, but were unable to provide any evidence under oath. ZERO EVIDENCE! Maybe Trump thought he could steal the election or make others believe that the only way he could lose is if the other guy cheated or more likely just to scam his followers out of a couple of hundred million dollars for his so-called “legal defense fund.” Biden will still be the next president and Trump will just be richer, no harm, right? WRONG!!!

Faith in fair and free elections, and the peaceful transfer of power together are the foundation of our democracy. But, this right wing media fueled Republican charade has caused a third, or maybe more, of voters to doubt the outcome of the election and question the legitimacy of the Biden presidency. This in turn is causing their elected representatives to abandon truth and integrity in order to prolong and reinforce the lie at the expense of our shared democracy so that they can selfishly maintain access to power and wealth. Then they justify these actions by saying their constituents tell them that they believe the election was laden with fraud. The lie comes full circle! It is damaging our democracy!

Sadly, Republican officials who uphold the truth are being threatened, and many are leaving the party. Hopefully, those still living within the bubble of lies and misinformation will finally see the light and become faithful partners in our democracy because you can’t win by burning down the house of the person you live with! Democracy doesn’t work if one side is bent on destruction! Republicans need to uphold democracy and scrap Trump “destructionism.”

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