Incompetence or Intention?

America’s failed, tragic response to the coronavirus pandemic is obvious when compared to other developed nations. There was no coordinated national response to providing the needed PPE and no consistent message regarding the seriousness of the disease or the urgent need to follow mitigation standards such as masks, social distancing, reduced gatherings and, testing and tracing. There was very little or no funding to support shutdowns and mitigation needs. In March, it was thought by some as only a blue state problem. The CDC and other experts were contradicted or silenced by the Trump administration while unproven drugs and ridiculous treatments were touted or suggested. Lockdowns, shutdowns and mask wearing were politicized and unnecessarily polarized the country. Due to the failed response, the virus spread from the coasts and then ravished the heartland. At the time of this writing, over 330,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. There was a recent surge in infections and deaths due to the number of people who traveled and gathered for the Thanksgiving holiday, all victims of failed and inconsistent messaging.

This is all evidence of incompetence and putting political concerns above good decision making. But was it more sinister than this?Lockdowns and shutdowns tanked the economy and sent millions into unemployment, poverty, food lines and homelessness, although the stock market and billionaires and professionals who could work from home were doing fine. Thoughts of herd immunity, and acceptable losses were publicly considered, but the fact that the working class, essential workers, minorities and the poor would suffer the brunt of the loss was not made public. Those with political power were willing to sacrifice ordinary Americans to avoid funding shutdowns or to hold companies accountable for protecting their workers while hospitals were filled beyond capacity and morgues were overflowing.

The privileged classes are able to honker down and wait for the vaccine, while the rest are left to fend for themselves as the virus culls the herd killing off members of the lower classes! Was this the intention? Was this the cheapest way to navigate the pandemic? Was this a way to reduce the number of people who rely on public assistance? Robert Reich said that billionaires profited enough during the pandemic to pay every American $3000. At the same time, small businesses (built on lifetimes of blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul) closed permanently and middle income American families faced eviction. Incompetence or intention failed the American people!

Intentionally allowing some to die is unconscionable! Allowing a weakened, enfeebled federal response in the name of small government or states rights is irresponsible and imbecilic. Either way, the historians will sort this out, and American Exceptionalism and American status as a world leader in human rights will be greatly diminished if not erased! This is due to the inept, possibly malevolent leadership of impeached president Trump and his Republican enablers. Either way, their place in history is set, I hope they can live with it!

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