Demand Democracy

I’ve spent three years plus trying figure out why people I like and respect have a completely different worldview than me. It seems they consume media that PROFITS greatly by stoking emotions, fears and false grievances that are not founded in reality, not based in fact and not verifiable. As a result, these consumers live in an alternate reality that is anti-democratic,* anti-government and anti-American (and includes elements of anti-science, anti-intellectualism, racism, white supremacy and white nationalism), yet they somehow believe they are being great patriots.

While a third to a half of ordinary Americans believe these lies and are engaging in anti-democratic, anti-government and anti-American activities (sometimes illegal, sometimes seditious) and electing officials who share or pretend to share these beliefs, the super-wealthy and the Chinese are bleeding America dry. We need to pay attention to what is important and not be distracted by petty meaningless squabbling.

We need a strong, effective government, if we are going to have a fairly treated, successful working and middle class, and to maintain our standing in the world. Giant tax cuts to the the wealthy underfunds and weakens our government and America. Deregulation strips workers of fair wages and endangers everyone’s safety. We need a strong government because China’s development has exploded (under Communist rule) in the last twenty years and is on track to overtake the United States in world leadership. We need to stop bickering in order to make a good living and successfully compete in the world and protect the real American values, democracy and human rights.

The vast majority of Democrats are not radical leftists socialists (possibly none are, these false labels are used to scare conservatives), just like all Republicans aren’t Timothy McVeigh, although, Republicans seem to want to deconstruct the government. Then what? Then what?

The 2020 election was proven free and fair. Joe Biden is the legitimate President and is actually governing with great competence. The Republicans need to stop engaging in voter suppression and to work on appealing to a broader swath of Americans in order to regain power, honestly. Antifa is not a formidable threat to anyone and was not part of the January 6th insurrection. Democrats and liberals are not the enemies of conservatives and Republicans, they are fellow Americans who just want what is best for all of us. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are Ivy Leaguers despicably lying to get your votes. Ron Johnson, Jim Jordan and Majorie Taylor Greene are just embarrassing. Republicans are spending less time discussing policy and more time repeating lies. They need to come back to the table and do the peoples’ work, and stop the ridiculous obstructionist tactics that are hurting America and Americans. The culture war mentality and the cancel culture claims are just lies used to raise money from ordinary, hardworking Americans, not for policy making and good governance. It is just a ruse!

A house divided will fall! We need to work together and unify in order to survive as a great nation. It’s never been easy, but we’ve always succeeded. Our government is and always has been a work in progress because that is the nature of a vibrant democracy. Throwing it out will mean an end to America. We need to work together to improve it by changing what doesn’t work and enhancing what does. It’s a lot of work, but anything that is worthwhile is… Demand Democracy! The alternative is living under the rule of the ruthless oligarchs and the Chinese communist party. I choose American democracy!

* The small “d” in democratic means that it has nothing to do with the Democratic Party or “the libs.” Democracy means rule by the people for the people, so if you’re anti-democratic it means you want to give over your rights to an individual and no longer have a say in your governance.