Tax Cheaters

Successful American businesses require a civil society, good infrastructure* and strong defense. This necessary foundation is supported by taxes. Those who engage in tax avoidance and tax evasion are stealing from their fellow Americans. It’s like showing up empty handed at a covered dish dinner party and still consuming and enjoying all the food brought by everyone else.

Sadly, Trump’s fortune began as a product of tax evasion/avoidance as his father illegally channeled money (money made from federally funded housing projects) into bank accounts created for each of his children. As a result, toddler Trump was a millionaire via tax evasion/avoidance. Then, tax evasion/avoidance became the standard operating procedure as adult Trump strove to become a billionaire!

Moocher, cheater, thief, drain, taker, and slacker come to mind when I think of those who don’t pay their part. Tax evasion/avoidance is not clever and strategic, it just shows a lack of character and integrity, it’s just common thievery against all Americans. All need to pay their share.

*Infrastructure is more than just roads, bridges and utilities, it is people who are healthy, educated and protected.