Are Small Government Conservatives Just Selfish?

The Center for Small Government describes small government as one that; …is strictly limited to defending our lives, liberty and property; that honors individual rights; stays out of unnecessary wars; and that is contained and transparent enough to easily find and root out government waste, dysfunction and injustice. In other words, OUR government should have a limited role, provide minimal services and regulation with absolutely no concern for the common good.

I’ve got mine and the government should protect me, protect what I’ve got, let me get more, not tell me what to do and to not help any of my fellow Americans in need.

This means, as a small government conservative, that I can make and sell dangerous, ineffective “snake oil” while destroying the environment from mining for ingredients and expelling polluting chemicals from the manufacturing process into the airways and waterways, and while paying my workers poverty wages working in unsafe conditions without paying overtime after 40 hours or contributing to healthcare and pension benefits. I get to use all the resources, including human capital, reap the benefits and throw them away when I’m done with no accountability! Small, ineffective, government is really good for me, but not for the majority of tax paying Americans.

People proudly claim that “I’m a small government conservative.” All I hear is “I’m good, you’re on your own.” If you can’t get ahead working three and four subsistence-wage jobs, it’s your fault! We don’t need small government, we need good and fair government based in the reality of advantage and disadvantage! Good government now! End selfishness!

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