True Believers of the Lie

Anti-American, anti-democracy “patriots” believing they truly love their country while espousing hatred, committing violence and supporting autocracy, makes no sense. Many of our friends, neighbors and family members have been sucked into an alternate reality where up is down, the sky is green and the ground is blue, lies are truth and truth is a lie.

True believers are adamant that they are absolutely right and everyone else is misinformed, leaving no room for discussion or debate. No amount of fact checking or research on my part will change anyone’s belief. They only believe their “news” source whether radio, TV or internet. Their sources are not vetted for credentials, funding or motivation. People are believing things said by someone who only wants to make tons of money or who wants to manipulate voters into voting against their own best interests.

Has America ever been divided by lies like this before? I’ve been trying to understand this division for nearly four years now and I’m feeling hopeless. Will it end in the destruction of our democracy or will we be able to ride it out as the pendulum of change swings back? I feel helpless in convincing true believers just how dangerous the lies they believe are to our country.

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