Truth, Justice and the American Way

Even though this was just the catchphrase of DC Comics’ Superman, first uttered in 1938, I truly believed and internalized that truth and justice were the right and real American way. Truth and justice is what set us apart and made us exceptional as a people and a nation. This ideal is the foundation of the basic American values of democracy and human rights.

But, the political rights’ assault on the truth over the past four decades and the politicization of the justice department during the Trump administration, are destroying the American way. One third of Americans have bought into the lies and have become an anti-government force bent on the destruction of the administrative state, nothing could be more un-American. Somehow, these dissenters must hear the real truth.

Truth and justice must prevail for the survival of the American way. It is not just a line from a comic book, it is an ideal, an exemplary way of being that is second to none in the world. We must return to the truth to heal and continue our greatness and standing in the world. There is no other way! TRUTH!!!

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