Obvious Lies

He’s not even a good liar! It’s like a 3 year old with chocolate all over his face denying that he ate the last piece of double chocolate cake!

It is obvious that the election was not stolen and it’s obvious that there were not significant voter irregularities.

It is obvious that Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, destroyed public property and assaulted police resulting in death, not ANTIFA!

It is obvious that lies are being told to bilk supporters out of millions of dollars for personal gain.

He’s an obvious liar as its been said that he cheats at golf even though he’s a decent golfer and that he made over 30,000 documented false or misleading statements during his four year term!

It is obvious that the lies were not at all the least bit clever!

Sadly, these obvious lies were and are repeated as truths by certain media sources validating them for many and needlessly dividing our country!

I know that the people who believe these obvious lies think that I am the one who is misinformed. For me it is like being in an episode of the “Twilight Zone” where half the town was replaced by imposters from a different reality! And, there is nothing I can do in either reality to mend the division.

The insurrectionists claimed to love that which they were bent on destroying! Their conflicting actions were motivated by obvious lies!

Unfortunately, I don’t see an end to this destructive division. We need a uniting force to drown out the lies causing us to work together to regain our exceptionalism! We need to see the obvious lies for what they are! Find a neutral news source! (www.mediabiaschart.com).

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Concerned Citizen

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